9th of May, 2016 (Monday)

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*Ennio Morricone intensifies*

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9th of May, 2016 (Monday)
That Guy
Eos looks like she's never handled a rifle before... but then again, its Australia.
Depends, she's got it cradled underarm right but obviously not the best for aiming, more for one handed use when you need to use your other hand and your potential target range is less than 25 meters...
However she does go from a typical right side hold in the 1st panel to a left side by the 2nd... now really a flaw but irl it would take extra time to do that instead of shouldering the weapon as is.
"now really a..." = not*
:D i called it not that this is not an amazing stand off but i feel my Sherlock deductive reasoning is on point!
It doesn't appear to be modeled after any real weapon I know of, and it's sure as hell not a conventional rifle anyhow (four itty-bitty barrels around one herkin' big one?). Who can tell how it's supposed to be held?
The sight on top is a clue it should be shouldered and not held under the arm.
damn, I read this a LONG time ago... I've missed alot.
if that actually is sight, more than likely a laser sight or something similar its not gonna matter
again its not a conventional weapon
@Jono It being under her left arm being a flaw would really depend on her handedness, now wouldn't it? Is Eos a lefty or righty?
Kid Cthulhu
Not only did I call this, I also called the Ennio Morricone music ^_^
@ERA: I think he means how her hands reverse positions between panels. In panel 1 she has her left hand on the stock and her right hand on the trigger and the gun is on her right side, but in panel 2 she has her left hand on the trigger and her right hand on the stock and the gun is on her left side.
10th of May, 2016 (Tuesday)
Charidan is correct; as I said "not really a flaw" aka it's not a flaw in its own, I've switched grip from a left handed to right handed depending on what side of a window I approach on so it's not uncommon but in an alley way it's unneeded and would take extra time... he's also armed do a switch like that could be lethal
That appears to be a guass rifle to my eye, similar to a rail gun but also substantially different. Would account for the mini barrels (magnetic acceleration, or gas expansion chambers), optics (Computerized targeting assistance no real need for high angle of parallax due to flat trajectory of round) , and lack of an obvious mag well or bolt (caseless projectiles, electronic firing). The hard to pull trigger could be chalked up to biometric security features... also, if I'm right, she really doesn't want to shoot him when he's that close to Charlie. A projectile moving that fast, if she manages to avoid hitting Charlie, would still cause quite a bit of high velocity bone spalling.
20th of May, 2016 (Friday)
That looks like a railgun.
15th of April, 2017 (Saturday)

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