2nd of May, 2016 (Monday)

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"Hey! You run like a girl!"

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2nd of May, 2016 (Monday)
Guess the reception wasn't all that great
Can't wait to see Eos kick butt.
If Roswell is human and has testicles, I suspect they may soon suffer serious contusions.
Just leave future rifle in the front seat for all to see.
Where did Eos come from?
The plot thickens as storylines converge...!
Eos was wearing a green dress at the reception. It seems to be the same night so how did she get here dressed like that?
@ERA and bamabob: I was wondering too. Did she know something was up? Is she a "time agent" too?
You have to consider that Eos actually had a head start. After Charlie and Ash ditched her, they had that whole parking lot thing, and falling asleep thing, and the reception was still ongoing. Rothwell only showed up much later. We don't see her still there during that time.
In fact, given that she didn't catch them right away, it's reasonable to think she changed into something she could run in.
3rd of May, 2016 (Tuesday)
EOS... or a clone? After all that clone talk earlier I'd actually not role out clone at this point
One possibility; Sam's car's stolen and Charlie kidnapped so the whole wedding party changes into civvies and fans out.
@Jono Or Eos's twin - recall that she's an orphan. But I agree, a clone is possible as well.
Oh, we knew she was in on it! XD
Did Eos just float in and land in the first panel? It doesn't look like she's touching the ground and her movement doesn't look like walking. Also, I think I figured out what bothers me about the adult female characters. Their necks need to be more tapered. Necks do start at the same with as heads on the top and bottom, but on normal sized-to-thin women (and some skinny men and boys) the neck tapers inward usually just above the middle. It's not a biggie, but this art is semi-realistic (toon shading?) so it really stands out.

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