25th of April, 2016 (Monday)

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Rothwell looked for a black or dark blue to coordinate with his outfit, but the hardware store only had orange.

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25th of April, 2016 (Monday)
Awwww... Well at least it goes with his eyes.
He started right in pannel 3 but messed up in 4. Combined with the seatbelt being between his arms and easily able to be used as a saw to go through the tape...
It's all just window dressing, psychological attempts rather than putting in the time and effort to really restrain him.
That Guy
@Faust Also, I don't think Charlie would think of that either...
Kid Cthulhu
At least orange and blue are complimentary colors ^_~
Orange is the color of safety.
Yeah, keep the tape on, stay safe, don't get shot.
I doubt Rothwell intends to be gone long enough for Charlie to saw through half a roll of duct tape, orange or any other color, with a seatbelt.
He's not trying to kill him now because he wants to kill who interfered before so he can kill them and then kill him without interference....
Hoo boy... If anyone looks into that car, there is going to be all kinds of trouble.
Adult Sam catches up with them in the next strip... Confrontation between Rothwell and Sam coming...
If "run and you die" is not enough. Trust duct tape. Found in Aisle 3 of your local S Mart. Shop smart, shop S Mart.
"I bet Charley could rip that apart with his muscles," said nobody.
Chris the Blue
Haaave fun. I'll go get you a sodey pop.
26th of April, 2016 (Tuesday)
And then the surprise: it's all just a mind-trip to keep the kids from ever trying drugs!
Did he leave the car key? He only said not to run, nothing about drive.
Internet Rule 34 ;)
(✧ ε ✧)

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