18th of April, 2016 (Monday)

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Acceleration due to gravity, to be specific.

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18th of April, 2016 (Monday)
That Guy
Time police says: "Go back and get shot! For the good of time! Get shot!". Also, Rothwell?
Well, I wasn't expecting any of that...
After his name being Luther backwards (more or less) I wasted time checking everyone's names. This isn't a weird backwards superman spin of after all.
"You were about to be shot." READ: "Someone was trying to create a future in which you didn't exist."
ERA Edit:
Oops. *Assuming we are in a non-paradoxy time travel universe, then READ:
Kid Cthulhu
Curiouser and curiouser...
Was the push to dodge the bullet or was the time travel to dodge the bullet? Were you the one going to kill him?
I was about to be shot then, and you shot at me now! Well, shot somewhere in my general vicinity, for reasons.
I'm imaging Rothwell sounding like an old single sideband CB radio.
I'm imagining he meant to call himself "Roswell" (NM) but he has a 'time lisp'... Also, who'd want to shoot a no-body like Charlie? And Why doesn't Sam know he has enemies from his past angry enough to kill him? Unless the whole thing is wun-o-dem time paradoxes, in which he didn't in fact have enemies until he time-traveled...
...and I'm still sure Ash has something more to do with this whole thing, she's not just a 'tag-along'... she IN it somehow.
So is this guy not the assassin? Is he the 'good guy' time cop?
Not That Guy
Where are the seatbelts?
@Not That Guy: Where they are going, they don't need seatbelts!
Maybe they're twins?
19th of April, 2016 (Tuesday)
Hm, this begs the question of wether he was trying to be erased from the past because of something he did in the future or if someone didn't like was happened in the futures that he wasn't a part of naturaly and was trying to change that by saving him? A sys admin? Maybe he can thwart skynet?
Ore Another Or
OH, THAT EYE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Gorgeous, clean, with great color gradient... Hands, eyes, and noses are the things I can't draw.
It's also possible that that isn't a gun at all, and that he wanted to see how Charlie would react. Now, chrono-assassin knows that Charlie will try to kill him if given the chance.
20th of April, 2016 (Wednesday)

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