6th of April, 2016 (Wednesday)

Page 368

Duh, didn't you see the chapter title? It's a kidnapping.

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6th of April, 2016 (Wednesday)
Kidnapping. Kid napping.
That is a horrible, horrible pun, sir!
(hint: I secretly think this is awesome and hilarious; well played!)
That Guy
Sam is way too calm in that last panel...
Let's see. Time loop? He hasn't vanished, so his younger self is safe. Multiverse? Get your butt in gear, Sam!
Nooooooo, Ash is gonna feel guilty for this 1
@That Guy: Well, the man didn't *kill* Charlie...
8th of April, 2016 (Friday)
Dan B...
So how come Sam doesn't know what happened to himself. Hmmm.... Perhaps the whole experience is erased before Charlie is returned?
16th of July, 2016 (Saturday)
Magic Trees
The pun works so well, it's annoying

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