4th of April, 2016 (Monday)

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4th of April, 2016 (Monday)
He stole his car!! o.o
...and Charlie.
The two must have been really tired.
Not that easy to explain to the police, if someone wants to tell...
Kid Cthulhu
Hey Tober, good headlight effects! This page came out great.
Ah, now it looks like mystery guy isn't trying to straight-up murder Charlie. I said we should keep an open mind about what's going on!
I guess he could still be out to murder Charlie, but maybe he has Bond Movie Villain Syndrome... he feels a need to tie Charlie up and monologue about his plans before the murdering starts.
Now that's technically kidnapping! And by technically I mean actually.
Either Benandbricks Humsforslacks is planning o taking Charlie to a less public area to kill him or something else is going on.
That Guy
How does Ash not wake up? Drugs?
that kiwi guy
Not the car!
Is that a shadow, or is the Bad Guy wearing a kilt and leggings under his trenchcoat?
@That Guy, you mustn't have experience with children. It's not that uncommon for them to sleep so deeply. Now, try doing that to an adult, and you will get different results!
Normally I'd say "run away and save yourself" to Sam, but that'd constitute contradicting myself.
Deof Movestofca
@Phlatus: Only the shadow knows?
5th of April, 2016 (Tuesday)
@Deof Movestofca what if it's a dress? More gender fluidity! Yay!
Lots of kids could totally sleep through that.
That Guy
I guess I just keep forgetting how young these kids are...
"I thought you were going to steal our limo" ... Yes yes he is. Thanks for the idea.
@primordialragechick Your comment made my brain hurt...

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