30th of March, 2016 (Wednesday)

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Oh! I bet it's Charlie!

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30th of March, 2016 (Wednesday)
That Guy
Whaaaat? Never see each other again?
I bet that statement ain't coming true. Things are about to happen...
That Guy
@ERA I know that, but I hadn't realized that if things went according to plan they wouldn't see each other again...
Real nice and realistic moon, that's so uncommon in comics! And the starry sky is great too. Nice done, Tober!
Dun dun dunnnn
that kiwi guy
ohh theres the assassin! this is getting good..
We still don't know that he's an assassin. I'm wondering if he's trying to do something other than kill Charlie. His last intervention didn't kill Charlie; it caused Charlie, Sam, and Ash to take an unplanned road trip. What if that was his plan?
Or, what if he's trying to kill Ash? And, heck, what if Charlie was sent forward in time as a subtle way to protect her? (His friendship has diverted the course of her life.)
I'm not saying any of the above is probable, just... let's keep open minds.
The trick is, Benedict is just shipping them.
@steveha he was trying to shoot Charlie but Ash got in the way when they were running off. I don't think he wanted to kill Ash.
And hey maybe it's a camera not a gun and he was a severe shipper or something
Maybe he wanted snacks
Pretty sure killing Charlie's part of it though
Awwww, isn't it cute how EOS fell asleep on Charlie's lap....
31st of March, 2016 (Thursday)
Unless she decides to wear green contact lenses and dye her hair, Ash isn't Eos.
Assassin steals the car, guess who steals the limo to give chase...
We already know that there are two different timelines. I suspect that the "assassin" is another Charlie from yet another timeline. Everything appears to be centered around Charlie. Not just any Charlie, mind you. It's the young Charlie. Must be something special about him. For all we know, everything that's happening is what creates his future self in the first place.
Alternately, the is can be another example of "The One". Look it up. Entertaining movie.
@PrimordialRageChick I still say keep an open mind. We don't know what alleged-assassin guy was up to. He could have been shooting to miss, with the intention of stampeding everyone out of the house.
Again, I make no claim that this is *probable* but it's possible.
P.S. Actually I agree with you that the most likely thing is that the guy was trying to kill Charlie and only Charlie.
Argh. I know these pages are necessary for the story to flow properly, but dammit, I wanna see the action already!
Kid Cthulhu
Tober, nice fade-out on Ash's word bubbles as her voice trails off. Great effect!
4th of April, 2016 (Monday)
@steveha Well, I do agree we should keep an open mind.

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