21st of March, 2016 (Monday)

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"Haha. I wouldn't even know where it is or that the keys are in the glove compartment, how could I steal the limo?"

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21st of March, 2016 (Monday)
"... erm, that was your limo? Sorry, too late."
that kiwi guy
now the assassin comes out right?
That Guy
Is is just me or is he holding that wine glass by the stem with a fist?
How uncivilized...
That Guy -
Look how he's holding his fork in panel one. Caveman.
Be nice, guys. Drawing hands is difficult.
"... not ruin my wedding, anyway."
"Everyone! Time for a speech from the best man!"
Is this very slight foreshadowing, by any chance?
That Guy
@Dad I thought Tober was purposefully drawing that way to show Johny was ill mannered.
I think it's pretty clear the way Johnny's hands are positioned is deliberate. It seems part of his character not to be refined—even at a formal event.
He has to mention the kids in the speech, who aren't there...
Double panic, parents then know and the kids are suspected kidnapped.
I hope he adds a third thing to panic about in the speech :)
@Dad Normally I'd agree with you, but if you contrast Jonny's hand with Sam's in the same panel, you can see Tober is perfectly capable of drawing a hand in proper etiquette position, so he's probably doing it on purpose.
22nd of March, 2016 (Tuesday)
zhourah-- JONNY
Me, Jonny! You, Kate!

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