29th of January, 2016 (Friday)

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Ash's brother taught her how to do that and immediately regretted doing so.

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29th of January, 2016 (Friday)
It seems many people have regretted meeting her on bad terms ;)
"What are you, Her boyfriend?" "No!" /I'm not a boy.../
...or (continued from previous page) ...Charlie could just let Ash(ley) defend him... that works too.
where is the gosh darn like button, she did precisely what i wanted to do!
That Guy
I like the nice touch of her hair frazzling up in the second to last frame.
Ash doesn't hit like a girl. She kicked that guy's a$$ on the 'football' field after he depanted Charlie. She must still like Charlie, despite her current mad at him attitude.
Girls can like you and still be mad at you. It does not mean you are in less trouble!
@Wally But she does hit like a girl... because she is one... and girls can hit just like guys... because you just put your fist in the thing...
What's really gonna hurt that bully, is when he finds out he got beat up by a girl.
Me, not you
thing 1
And that's with her left!
@thing1 i'm pretty sure she's actually left handed.
That's exactly the point lol
30th of January, 2016 (Saturday)
Proud Papa
So awesome scrolling back to the beginning and reading all the way through. The art progression is amazing! keep up the amazing work.
Sometimes people need a slap in the face, per se.
One day, Ash will meet someone who can power through the pain from the first blow she lands... and then she'll be in trouble. :(
31st of January, 2016 (Sunday)
Kid deserves at least this. If he doesn't really believe Charlie's a girl, he's misgendering him as an insult, which is misogynistic. If he does believe Charlie's (physically) a girl, he's misgendering a trans person as an insult, which is misogynistic and transphobic. Either way, he's being horrid and someone needs to hand Ash a whiffle-ball bat.
2nd of February, 2016 (Tuesday)
@Drakey OR he is being the stereo-typical bully. Though I do agree with ya mate, overall a messed up mindset to have but it'll change eventually.
3rd of February, 2016 (Wednesday)
Never said that wasn't a stereotypical bully thing to do. Just pointing out that he needed a punchin' and then a thorough talkin' to.

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