22nd of January, 2016 (Friday)

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Well duh, where have you been the last 300 pages?

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22nd of January, 2016 (Friday)
I'm suddenly very creeped out by Eos.
Doctari Yojimbo
Okay so smokin hot and brains. Got to love that combination.
If EOS is from Ancient Greece then how much does she know about time travel already?
Very solid point Qwerty... Though it could just be her name but I too think it's more than that.
She's quite intelligent, I wonder how much stress figured out already.
She's, not stress lol
Ash with contacts?
And thus we see that his cunning plan to just hope that nobody would ask for details on Charlie... never had a chance.
I think if I were he, I would tell the truth, leaving out the time travel aspect. She already knows something odd is going on, and she's smart. "A stranger dropped him with me, and I can't get him back where he came from, so my only choices were to look after him or shove him off on an orphanage. I swear I can't get him back where he came from but I'm not going to say where that is or why I can't get him back there."
Kid Cthulhu
Eos for the win. I -knew- she'd figure bigger into the story than just being "the girl everyone fantasizes about".
suspicious man
Is suspicious of the suspicious Goddess of Dawn.
That Guy
Is suspicious of the overarching power that the Chrono-Assassin likely has.
That was a good LOL moment.
How is everyone figuring this out? I mean which would you think is more likely, teen pregnancy and a kid looking just like his dad or time traveling shenanigans?
She may be assuming that Charlie is a clone. That's a far more reasonable explanation than time travel. Unfortunately, that could mean that her entire interest in Sam is self serving.
Le Commenter
Plot thickens.
23rd of January, 2016 (Saturday)
@DonkeyOpera... not future Ash... that's too easy... I'm thinking she's future Ash & Charlie's daughter, caught in an "Our Rob or Ross" loop kinda like in Red Dwarf ;)
The tables have turned...!
I like Eos more, now,
24th of January, 2016 (Sunday)
oooh. nice.
Although, would it not be likely she would know her parents history?
And why flirt so much, and/or play drunk strip poker with her father?
She was adopted... Could be that she is indeed Ash's and Charlie's daughter; they just put her up for adoption, so she knows nothing of her birth parents.
"She may be assuming that Charlie is a clone. That's a far more reasonable explanation than time travel."
Time travel is, in fact a more reasonable explanation than cloning.
(1) We don't really have the cloning technology today, much less 11 years ago.
(2) We don't have the time travel technology, either, but that doesn't really matter, because it could be invented any time in the next few billion years and be used today--it's time travel.
That homework assignment... EOS is Greek...
I doubt it but it's possible they are related.
It's more likely than her being time travel adopted from Ancient Greece.
Cloning is more likely her guess, hence the mention of her reproductive issues. She wants a kid of her own.

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