1st of January, 2016 (Friday)

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Worst. Idea. Ever.

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1st of January, 2016 (Friday)
This Comic is from the Future!
Le commenter
Oh dear, they're seriously making their dispute worse :c...
Hopefully they'll resolve it soon.
Why do I have the feeling it'll turn into more enemy than friend soon?
Ash hired the time assassin in the future!
Charlie, I think, just wants the bad feelings to go away :-/
Ash, on the other hand, I think is angry and wants resolution, a sense of true/sincere respect, and consideration/appreciation.
I dunno
Not trying to be pervy here, but does it look like Charlie has a mysterious lump in his pants in panel 6?
Elliot... What is wrong with Elliot... I think Elliot might be a fitting name for a girl who cross dresses and looks like a boy. And who reacts to teasing with physical violence. Hmmm; Elliot, the 'bully tomboy'.
That aside; Elliot is probably a family name passed down from grand parents or parents... I know a guy whose middle name is Marion (a family name). When we were in grade school (USA) we called him Mary... he would just laugh and then answer. After a while it wasn't any fun anymore and we just let it drop.
Marion is one of those male names that migrated to female over the centuries. Some others are Cathy, Jan, Leslie, you get the idea. John Wayne’s real name was Marion.
I've long suspected that Ash is transgender. A girl who dresses as a boy, has a very 'male' middle name and hates 'girly' stuff (makeup, dresses). Or am I reading too much into this? :)
@Rick, that's a possibility but more likely Ash is simply a tomboy... also Ash doesn't exactly use the middle name and seems to get aggressive when it is used.
@I dunno, no... even at 400% magnification there's nothing.
Kid Cthulhu
At least the only witness to this whole debacle is Sam. Could you imagine if there were other guests in the room?
That Guy
Damn, now Sam is gonna try and resolve this and just make it worse...
Pappa Kiley
Damn. Two days and I am caught up from the beginning. Now I have to wait........
2nd of January, 2016 (Saturday)
"Why do you care?" A question that depending on the answer given can do a lot in various directions.
Ah, and now we know why Ash has only one 'first and best' friend... and now she's doing her best to destroy that special friendship. Charlie has been a pretty good friend too. Helping her while her arm was recovering from the Doctor's needle in school and carrying her, bare footed across sun baked black top so she wouldn't hurt her cut foot... There were lots of things that Charlie did for her in the few days they've known each other that should make her realize how a good friend should act. If only she would stop and think before reacting so emotionally.
Humans are driven by emotions.
It is our emotions which provide us with a rich set of complex bioinformation about our perceived needs.
They are pointing to something.
If I had to guess, I'd say that Ash probably interprets (thinks) of Charlie's responses as uncaring and cruel -- that she probably [mis-]interprets his intention as a desire to create pain/suffering, RATHER than a desire to connect and have equality, peace.
When our needs are met, we experience emotions.
When our needs are unmet, we experience emotions.
How we think (perceive, interpret) about our observations, and others' intentions, ultimately leads to how we feel.
I believe we are always feeling *something* — whether conscious of it or not.

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