23rd of December, 2015 (Wednesday)

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Kate didn't want to bother thinking of something to get back at Sam for directly.

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23rd of December, 2015 (Wednesday)
Kid Cthulhu
Wow, all the adult Innows we've seen are jerks...
@Kid Cthulhu
Yeah, well, better a joke than trying to compel her to look feminine... In a world where most adults are jerks to children, Sam and Kate are not the worst, imho...
That Guy
She heard me... o_O
Whoa... Kate owes Sam, for a silly stunt like that alarm hoax...? Wow, the top pay back shouldn't exceed giving Sam a piece of 'onion' flavored gag-gum. Anything more than that is over the top. It isn't like Sam put Limburger Cheese in her underwear drawer and her shoes or, even drew a mustache on her face with permanent black marker while she slept... that would be horrible... especially on her wedding day. And... Kate do your own pay backs, you are an adult. If Sam could tag you with that clock gag... you should be the one to pay him back; don't have a relatively nice preteen guest do your dirty work, do it yourself and leave young Charlie out of it.
^The stunt Sam pulled probably caused some intense panic attacks. Sure, everything turned out fine in the end but I think that's worth more than some gross gum. Also Sam had Johnny's help, why can't Kate enlist Ash's? Something that will cause him to panic in return so long as it turns out okay in the end. I think that's fair.
1, 2, 3, 4 she declares prank war. Adult behavior is null. XD
Kate is so much fun... ^_^
24th of December, 2015 (Thursday)
@DonatelloFellow: Actually if you think about it. Kate is getting back at Sam; by marrying Johnny, his best friend... And she's getting back at Johnny by becoming his wife. I think Kate is sneaky and spiteful and a general all round bi**h who can't take a joke.
I like the idea of the pranks NOT being done by the person previously pranked. This way you not only get more people in on the fun, but the person who last pranked has no clue who to expect the prank from.
@Wally: Wow, you really have something against Kate it seems. Marrying Johnny has never been mentioned or hinted in the story as Kate's way of getting back at Sam. Maybe she genuinely wants to marry him? They probably spent a lot of time together as they grew up and got to like each other. After all, Johnny appears to want to marry Kate as well and I see no signs of her forcing him too. And Sam looks to be at peace with it. Charlie isn't, but that's probably because he's a kid forced into a future timeline and doesn't really understand because he hasn't had time to process the situation. And she can't take a joke because she wants to dish a joke back out? That doesn't seem fair.

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