16th of December, 2015 (Wednesday)

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Chin up, Charlie. You'll be able to convince someone someday.

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16th of December, 2015 (Wednesday)
Well, seems that she knows. I suppose no one should've expected Johnny to keep it from her.
When did she find out? was she just acting when she was surprised he said he had a kid at 16?
Is she not convinced that Charlie is not a girl? Lol
Now... How to get him in a dress against his will, hmm
His lip... Knows they are the same person.
Not even an evil clone :(
Yeah I blame Johnny for breaking bro code
If I had to bet it would be page 270, after she saw the pictures. She most likely had a clue prior but the pictures confirmed it... after that she's just been trying to them to say and figure out why they haven't.
Elf king
I like her use of changing the topic quickly. Also I want to see charlie get tricked into being the flower girl ;)
Kid Cthulhu
The universe is conspiring to put Charlie in a dress...
At least the Chrono-Assassin will have a harder time targeting him.
@ mra
She found out when she mentally compared Charlie to Sam's childhood picture and realized they were identical... and then she confirmed it just now with Ash's admission.
But how much has she guessed? If I were her I would suspect cloning before time travel.
Okaaaay... Kate knows that Charlie is Sam(the younger) and a time traveler or should I say a Chrono-Captive; because, he was Shang-hied into the future, he didn't volunteer for it.
Now then, Kate caught the lip wound this morning but not the reason behind it. So she assumes that Charlie was being 'rude cruel and annoying' to Ash like she remembers Sam being and suggests that Ash get Charlie to be the Flower Girl stand in for the wedding... A little pay-back on Charlie for the past sins of Sam against the kid sister. Hmmm... Kate is judging Charlie as if he 'is' what Sam 'was' to her in her childhood...
I think Kate is trying to heap way too much payback on an innocent player in this time zone to get back at Sam(the older).
These are just my thoughts based on my understanding of prior events in this story.
It's a big ol'ruse.
Miss Teddy
I agree with jono and Waylander for what it's worth.
He will make an adorable pouty face, do it as ash, do it. OR say that if he wants to make it up to you he must do the dress thing.
I have a feeling she gave as good as she got when it came to johnny and Sam...
Looking at page 270, she pauses before saying 'Charlie' even before staring at the pictures. It seems she somehow knew and was playing along even before that page.
lol, knew there was a reason for the dresses~
XD Kate is so awesome!
17th of December, 2015 (Thursday)
Wow the art has already changed so much within the last few months. From page 270 to now, the lines have gotten thinner and the facial features MUCH smaller.

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