14th of December, 2015 (Monday)

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Not the answer Ash wanted to hear.

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14th of December, 2015 (Monday)
ronan birch
well then lolz i love that look of ash's , and i had misread the second to last frame i thought it read "probably collecting drugs" hahahah
For some reason I really don't like Kate, she's been getting on my nerves ever since she first showed up. Why do I feel like she's bad news? D:
Davely: Likely, because she's a female character who doesn't agree with or support the protagonists.
I think Kate's indulging in a certain amount of historical revision. Johnny seems to be the crueler of the two, so far as we've seen up to now.
If he and Johnny were always together gathering bugs to through at Kate, why the heck is she marrying Johnny?
Le Commenter
Ash noooooo D:
@ Wheately: Because presumably, they all changed with age. ^_^
Important to note that a child's dynamic with siblings need not be its default attitude towards other children...
p.s. @Toby: My comment doesn't seem to be showing up.
Any idea(s) why?
This is the second time I recall this has happened.
I don't know Joseph, email me what you are trying to post and I'll try and see why.
Kate is blowing things out of proportion. lol
Opus the Poet
Either something is off with the artwork in the last panel, or something is "off" with Ash in the last panel.
@Opus the Poet:
D'you mean the hazy outline around Ash?
If so, yes, i noticed that too -- then i realized, Ash is sitting in front of a mirror. ;p (one can see it a little more obviously in panel 1).
Hah! That is totally me when having to have make up put on. For my senior photos my mom had to literally pin me against the wall to get anything done. Just wait Ash until she starts going towards your eyes with the colored pencil.
15th of December, 2015 (Tuesday)
Dang, Kate, if Ash doesn't want to wear makeup let her.
Apparently Ash is still hurt that Charlie didn't remember that he kissed her while he was feverish... She doesn't seem upset about the kiss so much as about his not remembering he did it. Yes, that hurt her, but give the kid a break... he did it while he was in a fever; that is sick and he was asleep... In any case. I think Kate is being overly harsh about what her brother was like. So far, based on past actions, Charlie doesn't seem to be rude or cruel and maybe only a little bit annoying. If that was really how Sam and Johnny were to Kate while growing up, then maybe the catalyst of the 'rude, cruel and annoying bug throwers' wasn't Sam/Charlie, it was Johnny... Kate's husband to be.
Just thinking that without Johnny in the equation, do to the time travel thingy, Charlie might have a chance to be a nicer boy to the people (girls especially) around him.
@Davely, @Nezumi, et al:
Also, from the About page:
Charlie's kid sister. Something of a wet blanket.
Full name: Kate Julie Innow
Date of birth: 12th of December, 1993
Known secrets about her brother: 62, sorted alphabetically and colour coded by topic
Reason for marrying Johnny: Unknown, presumed malicious "
Also also, my personal take:
... because she seems to be a bit critiquing / fault-finding in others for her unhappiness, perhaps?
[my subjective interpretation. I try to take responsibility for my own unhappiness, not blame others, and still build mutual caring+trust / find solutions that both me and others are good with.
(hint: It's not easy, because humans are animals that still tend to evaluate others' undesirable behavior as
"Alert! An external, uncaring threat to my wellbeing is in front of me! attack/defend/avoid".
My brain is not exempt from this; I am just as animal as the next person... and i try to keep this in mind, and practice emotional intelligence.)
Yes!! +10
also: i just realized- Sam (older self) has been a bit... well, like, he's played practical jokes on Charlie (younger self), seemingly for the lulz. Not exactly in a cruel/malicious way... just... idk, not really recognizing / being cognizant how much it can hurt others.
Reflecting further, I'm guessing that:
i) their (Sam and Kate's) parents weren't really tuned into what their kids were doing / what their children's life experience in realtime was like (e.g. emotional experience);
ii) that that, combined w/ Sam's not-really-being-clued-in-either (wonder where he picked that up from? :o), led to some pretty deep hurt / unmet needs in Kate, => bitter resentment.
If it were me, I'd probably feel the same way.
16th of December, 2015 (Wednesday)
Thanks for the About quote haha
Also, your last comment made me think that Charlie seems like quite a different person than Sam, actually.
2nd of February, 2016 (Tuesday)
@nezumi love your username fyi. Rat.

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