27th of November, 2015 (Friday)

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"You're ruining me embarrassing you!"

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27th of November, 2015 (Friday)
They are definitely the same person.
I hope Charlie realizes that if they do show anyone else they're totally gonna get found out, too.
The plot thickens. :p
So that's how Eos is going to find out... If it does happen like this it'll be quite hysterical
Kid Cthulhu
Well played, Younger-Sam. Well played.
Sam is showing Ash rather current, embarrassing pictures (age wise) of Charlie,while Charlie and Ash are having personal issues that are still unresolved... Boy is Charlie PO'd. So turn about is fair play. If Charlie's crush gets to see them... then Sam's crush should have the same chance to see 'Sam' at his 'not best' time of life. Typical 'hurt pre-teen' reaction to public embarrassment.
After rereading this page, I'm trying to figure out if, Sam is a masochist or a sadist toward his younger self. He seems to take a perverted joy in the embarrassment of Charlie (as himself) in front of Ash but, has the opposite reaction to the same embarrassment of his older self as seen in his expression in fifth and sixth frames... maybe he does have shame.
Wally, I don't think he thought it through. XD
@wally, I think his thoughts of the two of them as seperate individuals went to far. He is treating him more like a younger brother than a son... Or himself. He forgot somethings can cut two ways.

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