19th of October, 2015 (Monday)

Page 295

"So... you're afraid I'll beat you?"

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19th of October, 2015 (Monday)
Even when outside I've never combined strip with poker. Naturism could be weird between straight guys but is he drunk and making a pass?
Kid Cthulhu
I think Johnny's just really REALLY drunk, Qwerty. Although Sam has more of a sloshed expression, especially in the last panel.
They should just play some beer pong. :)
I love this web comic, one of my top 5. The way it's changed over the couple of moths and where it is now is just so, brilliant!
Deof Movestofca
1) I think he is as equally afraid of winning as he is of losing.
2) As if the idea wasn't bad enough already, aren't there other (underage) people in the house?
20th of October, 2015 (Tuesday)
I think tomorrow the kids will wake up covered in snails. And it will be Glorious!
Unintended romantic tropes are piling up between those two XD
^^^( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
23rd of October, 2015 (Friday)
To quote Johnny from page 291:
"I bet that sounded a lot less romantic in your head"

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