24th of August, 2015 (Monday)

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There's a lot you don't need to know.

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24th of August, 2015 (Monday)
Huh, we talking about a crazy possessive demon or the kind that were only a demon in the sack kind? Though doubt we should tell that to Charlie in fear that it might alter the time line where the robot apocalypse happens.
I have altered the timeline, pray I don't alter it further.
Sorry couldn't resist a star wars quote... also the timeline was already altered by lil'Sam very existence in this timeline, though lack of black hole from making contact with yourself is disappointing.
@Jono The problem with the black hole theory is that it would have ended this comic before it began, so I'm rather glad it didn't happen. Much easier to make fun of the main characters when they still exist.
Charlie, like many time travellets, is now caught between free will and fate... and a redhaired demon. ;)
Eirika R.
From a red-haired demon to a red-haired goddess?
Oho! Someone likes redheads~
I love the lines in the last panel :D The writing in this series makes me giggle in the best of ways every time I read it.
Some science
"Same matter" is the way it gets phrased.
You actually get replaced, bones and all every 7 years. If there is 7 years separating them then they can be called seperate people.
Some science
So no black hole or whatever.
I never understood why the act of an eye seeing another eye could "tear apart the universe".
25th of August, 2015 (Tuesday)
Timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff. ;p
@ Eirika R.: Who doesn't? ;)
Yochanan, it's just so they can trick us into never inventing time travel... probably the first person to time travel found out apes take over the planet or something silly like that... oh we can make a movie out of that!
The 4th dimension(time) is the most chaotic dimension of all. One time travel of anything(even nothing) would cause a ripple of change in a timeline. Who knows, maybe our timeline has been altered by the future in some secret or hidden way? Everything is subjected to probability, so some time travel could hit a jackpot and cause minimal alteration/s. I know for sure if I discovered a method of time travel I'd have the brass to test it out. I would go further into the future though; to further the present and to prevent alteration of the present(our) timeline. One would assume traveling forwards would cause less alteration to the timeline; only if you were careful when you return to the present. When time travel is possible it'll be experminted on for sure.
I liked the TDE before it worked based off magnets. Now we don't have a reasonable reason why the T-1000, the T-X, the T-XA, and others could go through that doesn't involve a flesh layer.
There's many theories on time travel... my biggest gripe is if it was possibly that the earth isn't in the same location in space as it was even 1 second ago... so we'd have to grid space, then invent teleportation over impossible distances, then we can work on traveling time....
I've talked to my physics buddy on this and here's his summary:
You can move on the XYZ plains of space but time only ever exists in the now... it's not something that can be traveled in either direction... basically to "go back" you'd be using excessive amounts of power to actually create a new timeline of your own, the problem is your timeline may atomically rearrange itself different, and the further traveled the more discrepancies.
Of course the power required is basically equal to a supernova... so it's entirely possible black holes are caused by time travelers...
Too much time, too much theories, too volatile a substance (time)...
Oh! Cute.
Kid Cthulhu
Finally some back story on Eos?
Well, to quote one of my favorite theme park rides,
"We wants the redhead! We wants the redhead!"
26th of August, 2015 (Wednesday)
Jono, time itself will tell its secrets. Who knows if time travel will take a sun or take an atomic bomb? The Wright brothers were told we wouldn't be flying for a while(I forgot the amount but google it if you must) same is being said with most things. Hopefully teleportation, time travel, etc. will be available sooner than you think.

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