21st of August, 2015 (Friday)

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21st of August, 2015 (Friday)
Kate. Look at the pictures. Kate. Kaaaate. Charlie is a carbon copy of Sam because he is Sam. Kaaaate.
I wonder if she'll find out by herself....
Is last panel a calendar?
@Lucky, she closed the door which had a calendar on the side of it we can't see in the second to last panel. But yeah, that is DEFINITELY a calendar.
Kid Cthulhu
She knows... Maybe not the specifics, but she knows enough.
I am sure there is a logical and realistic explanation as to why Sam has an eleven year-old son that looks exactly like he did when Sam was that age...
He banged a female clone of himself and due to the clones super aging clone DNA, Charlie's actually only three. Oh and Ash is indeed a dog.
@RazorD9 Your theories appear sound.
Lol razor...
Agreed Cthulhu, she may not know everything but she's got plenty figured out... she's probably wondering why he isn't telling her :)
But what she has "figured out" is really ruled by practical possibilities, not suspension of disbelief. She has no reason to think outside the box, of things like clones or time travel. She would think
1) The kid just looks a lot like him.
2) The kid looks so much like him, the kid could actually be a half-brother from one of the parents.
3) The kid could actually be an unacknowledged full brother the parents "put away." But even that is far less likely that the plausible story which has already been told, that 15-year old Sam got some girl pregnant, and #1 above is obvious and true.
4) Cloning is something we talk about today, but it is not plausible because it hasn't been done. It might be done in the future, but why would some cloner bother with Sam? So even if it were possible 10 years "back" any reasonable person would still dismiss it as unlikely.
5) Heck, even the possibility that the young boy is a cousin that looks similar is way more likely than crazy ideas!
So she will accept the notion that her brother got a girl pregnant early. It makes sense and it happens. And it's better than the more icky alternatives about her parents. So the next question is, "Who is the mom?" It would have to be a girl she knew too . . .
Well, her future husband knows... And she knows he's Sam's best friend and could know about this. Will she interview him? Will she be persuasive enough to make him tell her the truth? Will she believe him?
Oh God I just binge read all of this apparently.
I call the next time we see the crazy gun man is at the wedding
22nd of August, 2015 (Saturday)
@asdf Welcome to the party!
23rd of August, 2015 (Sunday)
I get the feeling she's either going to ask her fiance aka why she's leaving now, or she's going to trick lil'Sam to remove his socks... maybe even both.
One thing is for sure, I love this comic!
Just like to clarify, cloning has been done and with reasonable success on dogs, cats, cows, sheep, and probably other mammels... just never officially on humans. We could, though, clone a human pretty easily, the only hurtle would be finding a surrogate mother. It's a scary thought.
4th of February, 2017 (Saturday)
Totally credible
I've had people at large events guess I'm my mom's daughter without even knowing she's at the event. Near-carbon-copy children is possible. (I'm being serious, despite my pseudonym that comes from my uncreativity and attempt at wit.)

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