19th of August, 2015 (Wednesday)

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Her foot's also been on the ground more than 5 seconds, so it's totally not okay!

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19th of August, 2015 (Wednesday)
Poor Kate, the only "normal" one
Whats weird about licking someones foot?
Kid Cthulhu
Love Kate's "I'm surrounded by idiots" face-palm.
These two kids are a little young to be instilling a foot fetish in them, don't you think?
Eh... fetishes can often start as innocent things.
It's the sock that's on the ground, not the foot so it's ok.
The alternative is washing the other foot.
Or telling him to try harder and not fall of the couch.
Miss Teddy
Just found this, caught up, laughed so hard I cried throughout.
20th of August, 2015 (Thursday)
Oooh, erotic. To be serious though, that's what kids that age would probably do. Innocence = bliss?
Laugh out loud funny. Thank you.
They are 11. Girls reach puberty at that age now (unfortunately).
Boys and girls are much more knowledgeable than we were at that age. While they are still playful, you can't count on "innocence".
I'd expect they've no idea about feet fetishes, yet. I certainly didn't when I was even 15, and I was a naughty little boy.
In so far as when girls reach puberty, you say it as if it's changed in the recent past...? As far as I know, that's almost entirely dictated by biology, genetics, not environment, and most girls have started the serious level of puberty at around 11-12 since humanity. I'm not a biologist but I have always been interested in evolution and anatomy, and have done a fair amount of research into that. If there's something I don't know, I'd love to learn!
21st of August, 2015 (Friday)
It's almost nice to forget that someone's out to kill them
15th of April, 2017 (Saturday)
Kate: I'm regretting this entire notion of you all coming to the wedding.

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