17th of August, 2015 (Monday)

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What did you expect, maple syrup?

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17th of August, 2015 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
I love Sam actually curious if she could and Kate having to be the sole adult on the premises.
Kid Cthulhu is right, Kate is the only adult in this scene.
Kate is so mature!
But what the heck did Ash say in the last panel?
'Yuck! That tastes like feet!' perhaps.
I told you, she needs to wear the cone...
Bwhaha! Kids...
Double Bogey
The contortions in Panel 3 is kinda weird. I would have had Ash's right leg dangling off the sofa so it doesn't appear so ... twisted? Tober must be using a sculpture dummy to use as model or Tober was sitting on the couch trying to lick his own foot! LOL!
It's possible. Babies do it often enough. But I imagine the flavour is an acquired taste... ^^;
Are you talking about panel 5?
or does my tablet add a line to the center of each panel because to me it looks like there's 2 panels to each line... being the comic is read left to right top to bottom.
Also it's not all that weird, if you consider she's using the leg and her other arm for leverage so she can pull her foot to her without falling over it makes more sense.
Maybe just coincidence but so far very little is coincidence in this comic :)
Jono, I believe Double Bogey is referring to the panel in which Ash said "I wanted to see if I could".
18th of August, 2015 (Tuesday)
Yea that's panel 3 but there's nothing odd in that one... I guess if it was taken out of context then it would be
Double Bogey
Yeah, #2 or #5 :) It was late and I was taking a break from studying. Well, girls ARE more flexible than boys.
Ash looks fine to me. :P

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