3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)

Page 262

Dad TVs are always big.

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3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)
Wow Ash really
It's not the size of the T.V. that matters it's how you use it.
That doesn't help make it sound less like we are talking about penis sizes.
Kid Cthulhu
I know it's just a small detail, but I like that you can see Ash's bandages as she kicking her shoe off.
Godking 2.0
Well, Sam is 3 inches fully erect, so his dad would be 9 inches... Those are some impressive nipples.
As soon as they compared the sizes of thinfs owned by males, in inches especially... it's more about girth than length.
Little thing, but the image on Charlie's shirt got reflected between panels 2 and 3. Just wanted to let you know tober. Also, awesome comic, it is always hilarious.
asduton, it is supposed to represent nim looking into the tv meaning that the reflection would be reversed
Asduton is right, though I understand his perception of the reflection would seem reversed ours of seeing it wouldn't change... I don't care about any fix as that time is better spent on your buffer...
Love your comic and I've read it around 5 times now! I kinda avoided it due to the name and I highly regret not checking it out sooner.
I've started binge reading this webcomic and kind of misjudged it at first. After the first couple of pages, I was hooked. I enjoy this series so much! I want to see the next pages already! Good luck to you Tober!
Deof Movestofca
Is it just me or does her expression in that last panel make it look like she's fully aware of the double entendre?
As for the second panel, the image is reversed because it's supposed to be a reflection off of the tv screen. (Almost didn't see clarison's reply, but I agree with the call).
4th of August, 2015 (Tuesday)
also think it of a pov so he is looking directly at it so its what he sees not what we would which is just the next panel (\ .,. /)
Length and girth depend on eachother, who wants a wide-screen when they can get a full-screen?{ ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•} Loving the comic, and stay frosty my friends.
Sam is gonna be dead by the end of this trip.(:
5th of August, 2015 (Wednesday)
You see, as Dads get older, their vision gets worse, so they need a larger TV to read the scores for the Big Game.
Also the last generation got much less "help" from the bank, and thus tend to have more money.

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