17th of June, 2015 (Wednesday)

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It's a little frilly.

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17th of June, 2015 (Wednesday)
I think he'd look great in a dress >~
What a lovely little girl he is.
Cross dressing wouldn't be THAT bad if your girlfriend wants to see you do it... right?
Oh bloody hell, I just made a horrifying realization: This isn't gonna end up like THAT novel by Heinlein, will it Tober?
Kid Cthulhu
@Yochanan: LOL I forgot about "All You Zombies". Even funnier when you consider Guy Pierce starred in a film version of it last year or so (I forget what they changed the title to for the films).
@Kid Cthulhu The movie is Predestination with Ethan Hawke.
Nice to find some other Heinlein fans out there. If we stick to the "All You Zombies" theory, does that mean Ash is somehow his Daughter and Mother?
In the words of my native language, internet, I believe the correct term is "Trap" and Ash is channeling pure internet right now.
Double Bogey
OMG! Ash is hilarious in that panel (2nd to last)! So focused! She's such a weirdo!
Kid Cthulhu
@Lokitsu: Thanks. If I was more awake when I commented, I would have thought to fact-check with IMDB/wiki/etc.
Not getting presents is the worst part? Not missing his family back in his home time?
lol, methinks Ash wants to see him in that dress, and he's not getting a choice in the matter.
He should tell her that she can see him in that dress only if she wears it for him first.
My sisters best friend managed to get her boyfriend to wear one of her dresses around the dorm once. (they were rooming in college together)

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