15th of June, 2015 (Monday)

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Charlie's such a pushover he got pushed into next week. And the next one. And the next one...

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15th of June, 2015 (Monday)
and the next one. and the next one. and the next one . . .
I heard you like weeks so I pushed you into a week that tossed you into a week that went into a week then through a week past a week...so you could live week by week dawg.
Master Amargado
It was about 10 years, right? So:
[(And the next one) X 54 X 10] -1
Where I grew up we only had 52 weeks in a year. Is this a conversion thing, like how 100 Australian dollars equals 95 Canadian dollars? Are Autralian weeks a different length than Canadian weeks?
16 years, actually.
Australian weeks are in fact the same length, but they go backwards, from Saturday to Sunday, because of the Coriolis Effect.
16th of June, 2015 (Tuesday)
Yeah, and their space program consists of removing the straps from the rocket!
16 x 52. 832 weeks.
How on earth is he from 2001 and doesn't have a computer. I was thinking he was from the early 90's at least that would have made sense. I am from Australia and we got a computer in '88.
At least there would have been computers at school. The government put computers in all the school library's much earlier then that.
So this is my timeline. First computer '88. Changed to a newly built primary (grade) school that had a computer lab '91 - age 11 where we put in angles to move a triangle across the screen creating a line (yay for turtle steps). Started public high school the year I turned 13 in Feb '93 (we have no middle school in Aus). Computers added to library and new computer lab for upper class students to study computer programing in June '93. Internet turned on to computers in '94 (very bad dial up). Computers added to public library's '98 (No internet). Internet added to home compter in '98. Internet added to public library computers somewhere in the early 2000's. So this timeline seems a bit far fetched to me.
Tober's probably is referring to a personal computer which would have also been restricted by age as well as the advancement of computing. I addition for my personal(and inherently limited) experience we've had computer's in the house for all my life, my dad's even a computer geek, I din't get any sort of reliable access to one till I was 11.
3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)
I didn't use a computer until 1996 at the school library, my family didn't own a computer until 1999, I didn't own my own computer until 2006... and that was while I lived in America.
This story is based in Australia and Sam didn't get a computer until 2001 the day after lil'Sam jumped the lifeline. I can't vouch for their progress in computers at school but aside from Oregon trail I had no idea those magic boxes did other things

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