12th of June, 2015 (Friday)

Page 240

The shoes she didn't want to buy.

Three guesses what the next line will be.

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12th of June, 2015 (Friday)
What is wrong with his nose!
So, I'm ok with the idea of Ash going back in time with Charlie and then growing up to be Ēōs, but what do you think happens when the present day Ash disappears? She has family members who would miss her, right? Would they ever be let into the secret by Ēōs, or will they live the rest of their lives thinking she is dead? With Ash being so bitchy lately, I wouldn't put it past her to just let everyone suffer. What does everyone else think?
Kid Cthulhu
I also wondered if Eos is Ash from another timeline.I think I even mentioned that in a comment some pages back.
This comic hasn't revealed enough about the mechanics of time travel yet. We can't really speculate.
Odd Donny
Nellko- what about Ash from the future going back instead? No death worry then.
Plot twist: They're all actually aliens and this is a conspiracy to overthrough Australia.
Ash has blue eyes, Eos has green. Doubt they are contacts.
Eirika R.
Huh. Something seems off with that waitress... (Aussie aren't meant to be that pale!) She looks like she could be Assassin Guy's sister, or something.
Or... just Goth.
(Either way, don't trust the pancakes, children!)
I suspect they've gone past 20 bucks by now. Well past. ;p
Eirika, I'm on your side with this one. More evidence for her being weird, why give her a panel all to herself? I feel like it wasnt just to practice drawing women from the back...
Pancakes can't be THAT expensive.
Opus the Poet
@Mujaki Not just pancakes but two pairs of shoes and some socks (probably a couple of packs of three) plus breakfast.
Nupe Flossberg
13th of June, 2015 (Saturday)
In other news, I still really enjoy this comic. Also giving me ideas for a D20 Modern / D20 Future game...
Is it me, or are the waitress' eyes red? Probably just me; I think the colors in the background and in her lips are tricking my eyes. Anyway, yeah, shady person alert! Our young protags have got the rottenest luck if she ends up being an assassin, or something equally menacing.
They appear to be golden.
By the way Tober, did you not answer my question because you didn't see it, or didn't want to answer it?
Creepy waitress is creepy.
Also, I vote "Re-markable!" Shomehow I hear that in Wallace Shawn's voice (Vizzini in The Princess Bride).
The noses are expression related I am sure. The question seems a little insulting to me.
Oh no, I meant the other question.
14th of June, 2015 (Sunday)
@Sharo Yeah, they're yellow with red rings, if you zoom in.
Yochanan, I've just been really busy lately, is all.
I don't really know if anything 'inspired' me to do it. It's a mix of lots of different things.
15th of June, 2015 (Monday)
Regardless of how she feels about her parents, Ash is too infatuated with her brother to not let him in on the secret at some point. He is the one person she wouldn't put through that much grief, so they would work together to make her disappearance less stressful for everyone else.
Acually, eye color is a chemical reaction. It really does change due to chemical and hormonal changes. Young children often have slightly different eye and hair colors than they do after they become adults. Some medications, especially thyroid ones, will cause a shift in eye color. It is entirely possible for puberty hormones to change Ash's eyes from a more blueish to a more greenish color naturally.

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