20th of May, 2015 (Wednesday)

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If he doesn't wake up soon they'll never arrive two days before they need to just in case something makes them late!

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20th of May, 2015 (Wednesday)
Icarus Dreams
Ah, memories. What's better is when you get yelled at for being the only one not ready, then having to wait because literally nobody else was actually ready.
Isn't travel fun?
That's what you get for your protectiveness!
Quick Ash, now is your chance to give Sam an emergency jump-start by snogging him.
I'm with Girl on this one.
Huh? Was that directed at me? Why so upset? Snog just means to kiss, if you were confused by the term. It doesn't mean anything bad, at all. So, why so much freaking out?
I believe Girl is from America (Like me) and in the good ol' US, snog makes us think of shoving a hose up a man's nose and turning the water on. Snot+water=Snog. So, y'know, us "Stupid" Americans don't get foreign terms.
I'm with you on this. We are talking about an eleven year old girl here. The last thing she would think about is kissing an almost perfect stranger, and an adult relative of a friend. She would likely go 'Ewwwww' if it was even suggested.
but SAM
Adult relative of a friend? Sam is NOT a relative, Sam IS her friend. Charlie and Sam are the exact same person. Between his being her only friend, her attraction to him, his saving her life, her crawling into his bed, etc... Sam is definitely not a stranger. They are a destined One True Pair.
ash found a decent pair of pants it would seem.
@shadowrunner2323 probably those Charlie is supposed to wear for the wedding ;)
Okay genetically you are right. Sam (adult) is the same as Charlie (youth) grown up...BUT. Both of them are now on divergent paths. Sam does not remember being sent forward into time as a boy. So his past path is different than Charlie's path will be. Sam will be able to teach Charlie things that he (Sam) had to find out the hard way... They have the same DNA but not the same experiences; making the personalities different and therefore they are different people...
Ash is familiar with Charlie since they met in school and did sports and activities together. I think she probably views Sam as 'the older brother' or at least the male adult of the family so, yeah I think she's say 'Ewwwww' at the thought of giving a kiss to Sam. She'd probably feel the same way about Charlie too at this age.
21st of May, 2015 (Thursday)
While I agree about Charlie, I have to disagree about Ash. I don't mean to derail this thread further, but as of about two years ago the findings by the CDC were that 2/3 of children age 12 were already sexually active. 11 year olds today are actually quite mature compared to back in my day. 'Ewwwww' may or may not be Ash's reaction, but it is not the reaction representative of people her age anymore.
Anyways, back to the strip: Sam isn't wearing shoes, his bare feet are wide open and unprotected. Time for a tickle attack?
Yes, back to the strip... Tickle attack!!! But who will be the culprit? 'Tomboy' Ash? Or JaneGirl Charlie? both of those kids are a bit confused when it comes to their own sexual identities.
Kid Cthulhu
I don't think either of them are confused at all. They just stick to their guns about their appearances (among other things) and it's the rigid status-quo types who are confused. It's not easy being an individual at that age :)
I am from the U.S.A. as well and "snog" has never meant anything but kiss in any of the places I have lived and that covers much of the country.
@"Dad" - I meant something to that effect. Wally- They're what, 10, 12-ish? Maybe...
The only way that Ash would kiss sam is if she goes back in time with Charlie and then grows up to be the boss lady that Sam has a crush on.
She has the same color hair, same color eyes, similar skintone, and knew to have a bandage ready for that first meeting because she has Ash's memories... that actually makes way too much sense....
1st of June, 2015 (Monday)
I love this webcomic. But the border-line pedo (and pedo-apologist) comments are seriously distasteful. Way to bring the yuk.
8th of June, 2015 (Monday)
Odd. I always used Snog the British way. And I am most definitely an American.
15th of June, 2015 (Monday)
No, ash has blue eyes. Eos's are green
3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)
The normal people... or well those of us that pretend to be normal on occasions agree with you.

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