15th of April, 2015 (Wednesday)

Page 215

Ash's grandfather taught her how to salute the proper Australian army way, but he could never get her to remember to use her right hand.

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15th of April, 2015 (Wednesday)
Or did @Tober just forget which hand was supposed to be used until after the panel was colored?
Nah, cutting the pannel and flipping it over would have been easy. Wouldn't be the first comic to use the everyone's ambidextrous card though.
Someone does slip up though as that guy was there with the gun.
@Lucky A panel flip would have moved the pocket and shirt buttons. Relatively minor details, but extra work that is more than just a panel flip.
Anyway.... hopefully we'll get some details on what's going on soon...
Actually I try to keep Ash left-handed. I'm sure I've made a mistake somewhere, but for the most part she uses her left hand.
Not like that bloody Game of Thrones show, where they can't decide if Arya is left handed or right...
Who cares what hand she's soluting with? This comics pretty cool, but people seem to like to criticize a little? Idk. But so far I've read the comment on each page since I started reading it for myself.
@Tober. You should have just said she was involved with the Scouts. They salute with their left hand
@aryara, I'm not criticizing, just poking fun. I love this comic, and really look forward to what will happen in the future
@S But that 's not really as humorous as the current explanation. I like the little details such as that, it keeps the feeling that they're still little kids alive.
16th of April, 2015 (Thursday)
@ S
In the 52 years I have been involved in Scouting, including Lord Baden-Powell's world wide Wood Badge training, the Scout salute and sign have been rendered with the right hand. This is recognized by Scouting organizations around the globe and was developed by Lord Baden-Powell himself.
Are they kidnapping ash?
@S I can confirm what @Dad is saying since I am an Eagle Scout
Eirika R.
@wait Not kidnapping. "Surprise Adoption".
17th of April, 2015 (Friday)
@Eirika Surprise Adoption has got to be the best term every : )

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