13th of April, 2015 (Monday)

Page 214

They really need to think of a better name than 'That guy'.

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13th of April, 2015 (Monday)
Brent O'Gara
I've mentally labeled "That Guy" as "Not Benedict Cumberbatch" since the first panel I saw him... if that helps.
Le Commenter
I find it funny how unshaken they are by all this, it makes the comic more entertaining though because of it's lighthearted nature rather than having a massive bulk of miserable gloomy pages
I am still wondering where that other scar is that they keep referencing (is it something I've forgotten?)
Okay okay, time travel, being chased down by Benedict Cumberbatch, whatever...
Art is always getting better, no doubt, but... looong necks are looong.
Looking forward to seeing what the future holds!
Double Bogey
Isn't anyone going to mention, "You're not going to wear THAT to the wedding?!" They're wearing a crummy t-shirt!
Jakie Ford
@Brent O'Gara
Oh, but how we wish it was
Someone Intelligent
@Girl @SporNightReloaded Guessing his scar is on his wee-wee, since they keep avoiding it. It was not mentioned in the comic before.
@someone - I doubt that as we will never get shown it. Very nearby there is possable though I think it's his backside. Remember that it has to beat a rather long foot injury and I doubt that the author of this will be wanting anatomically remarkable characters going by the normal appearance of them so far.
14th of April, 2015 (Tuesday)
Is it just me, or does going to a wedding when you know you are being tracked by an armed assassin seem like a really, really bad idea?
@PlasticInsect It seems like a really, really fun idea, if you ask me! Fun in a very dangerous sense, of course. Like skydiving and going as fast as you can on the freeway.
Thanks Tober!
Okay, so I can see Sam and Charlie saying goodbye to everyone, and dropping off the grid to run away from "That Guy," but what about Ash?
On the one hand, if they leave her behind she's at risk of being attacked by "The Guy" in order to find where Sam & Charlie went.
On the other hand, if they take her with them her parents are likely to press charges of kidnapping.
Brent O'Gara
@Jakie Ford
Has the reason for the title of this comic ever been given?
Let the official name for that guy be Trenchie. He wears a trench coat and he is an assassin. Plus it's a catchy name :P.
This is perhaps not the greatest plan in history... but it's got solid basics. And plans that are too complicated just have more points on which they can fail. Also, it's good to see that Sam at least has --a-- plan. ^^;
13th of May, 2015 (Wednesday)
Okay, because people keep asking, and I think have a likely guess: he's probably circumcised. That's all.
22nd of June, 2015 (Monday)
Books are better
That first panel slaughtered me...

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