20th of March, 2015 (Friday)

Page 204

That's a pretty funny lookin' bed you got there, Sam.

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20th of March, 2015 (Friday)
This is my favourite page
A few things:
Is his voice going up at that question mark? Because I have never heard anyone phrase an answer like that.
I did not notice that little Sam was, just as Ash was, asleep, and you did indeed make me go back to the two-hundred and third page.
It is so sad, the mental state that Sam is now in, as this makes it clear that Sam is very shocked at this. I am almost angry at you, Tober, for how light you are making of this, even though you yourself are the author (of course, in my saying, "making light", I am referring to your comment below the panel. You are handling serious moments very well, not fitting in jokes where not necessary).
Paternal Sam is the best.
and if he had to carry Charlie to bed
how do you think Ash got inside? (^w^)
Double Bogey
Midnight Baseball Game? Huh? Do Aussies play baseball?
@Anthem but why didn't Sam cover up Ash properly?
That's not how I would choose to pick someone that size up out of the back of a car.
Whether or not Charlie was asleep in the previous page, he's certain asleep now.
Ash is a kid. She probably already kicked the covers off.
The kids' sleeping posture is great. ^^ Very realistic.
And I agree: Sam being paternal is a wonderful thing to see. He's all "Protect the young"-pack daddy. ^^
Icarus Dreams
And thus begins the weekend-long wait for the next update.
What's he going to do if Snugglebunt shows up? Get shot sitting in a chair doing jack-frak-all? That makes sense.
Good idea Sam. If the hitman shows up he'll have to shoot you first.
What is the item in his hand on pannel 3?
It appears to be either the sock removed from Ashley or a cloth being used to wipe up the mess.
21st of March, 2015 (Saturday)
Cleaning up blood, now I see it. I think he is back home alone waiting on the window smith.
I love your jokes...
They are like half the joy of reading this comic.
31st of March, 2015 (Tuesday)
Danny in Canada
Yochanan - his voice is going up because the conversation goes like this:
"It's past midnight! Why are you calling about having your window repaired when it's past midnight! What happened to break your window in the middle of the night!" " midnight baseball game?"
Danny in Canada
oh dear, the angle brackets didn't show. Okay, let me try that again, with square brackets. "[implicit: Um, would you believe it was a] midnight baseball game?"
19th of August, 2015 (Wednesday)
Ananta Androscoggin
Apparently Sam (elder) didn't really believe the letter Sam (younger) brought to him, when it said he'd been moved "up" in time because his life was in danger.

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