16th of March, 2015 (Monday)

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Well, he's the nearest adultoid in the area, anyway.

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16th of March, 2015 (Monday)
Oh boy, time for plot!
Oh by the way, what will happen to that "slice of life" label now?
"You're the adult."
@Yochanan I believe it will now become a "pseudo-slice of life"
Slice of a really weird life that nobody else can relate to.
"i need an adult! sam!"
scooby doo voice: "Adult? where???"
Sam, a man just broke into your house and tried to kill your "son" and his friend.
... call the police, maybe? And get Ash some *proper* medical treatment (she likely needs deep tissue sutures, glass may have broken off in the wound, etc.)
PS. Love the comic!
I can see them either going to the police and reporting a break in or running. I hope they either run or find a third option.
Today's adults aren't like the adults they grew up knowing...
Thanks Tober, your a pretty cool guy.

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