6th of March, 2015 (Friday)

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Apparently she would believe he was from New Zealand.

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6th of March, 2015 (Friday)
That is the most trusting girl I have seen in comics.
You draw pretty smiles.
Ashley's pretty smart. She went straight for the one thing that could be verified empirically. I would have wasted time asking questions first.
Feet spots = Time travel
In fact, why didn't she assume clone?
Clones wouldn't have the same scar. Specific scars aren't genetically determined.
Yep. Time traveler. NOT from New Zealand. *sweats nervously* Not at all, hah hah hah, why would you think that?
Ash's back is arching kinda weird in the last panel.
Well, she is tucked up kinda close to Charlie's *ahem*.
Heh, I like how Charlie's and Sam's feet appear to have the exact same length even though Charlie's preteen, so he must be wearing at least 2-3 sizes smaller shoes than his adult self.
Foreshortening FTW!
Toothless guy - looks like a normal straight back and a rediculously tight Top. Normaly you don't see the gap between the shoulders and bottom, the top hangs loose covering it.
I love Charlie's face in the fourth panel omg, and also the last panel too hes just like, so done. love it
Opus the Poet
@Yiangos it's perspective, Sam is a couple feet behind Charlie.
7th of March, 2015 (Saturday)
Deof Movestofca
I guess this is Ash's version of "trust, but verify"?
Deof - to be safe it is "verify then trust."
Lol. New Zealand? Really xD anyways. That was cute she to really happy hearing that they're the same person.
This is just getting better!
8th of March, 2015 (Sunday)
National genetics
Just wait untill she finds out that everyone in New Zealand have identical feet spots.
I'm from new zealand and we arent all THAT odd.
I have no idea how you did it but I just binged this whole comic in lue of sleep last while intoxicated and let me say this comic is a special kind of wonderful
9th of March, 2015 (Monday)
@Opus yeah, just what I said too... foreshortening ftw!
24th of March, 2015 (Tuesday)
Purple Parfait
I agree with MIke!! Whoop Whoop

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