20th of February, 2015 (Friday)

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I wonder if they still make cars that do this.

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20th of February, 2015 (Friday)
Damn, that's a big piece of glass. How did she walk so far on it?
Is this why its called blood splattered socks? Everyones feet bleed?
i want to see the glass soooo bad
^yesss, I bet it's like...a foot long piece of glass.
Terror adrenaline is one heck of a thing... You don't feel the really bad ouchies until after the adrenaline crash, and then there is nothing but pain and exhaustion. So much pain and exhaustion.
Adrenaline!-Ellis L4D2 Or multiple glass cuts could of torn, so the bandage better be on tight. A huge piece of glass is just ridiculous.
aaughhughahh this is making my foot feel wonky >O< ouchie ouchie i cant wait till they pull that glass out.
"What do you recommend, Doctor?"
"Let's poke it!"
Well, it's about time. *Busts out Australian lingo book* Boot? I see no boots. Charlie that's a trunk! He said they were in a boot!
I am starting to feel really squirrelly about Ash's "thing" with doctors... There's a story there and we must know it, my preciousss...
@ DonatelloFellow: I could just see the most recent incarnation of the Doctor saying those exact words... ^^;
Opus the Poet
Something else that happens with a severe adrenaline crash is violent muscle tremors followed by nausea and vomiting or any of the former separately. I'm intimately acquainted with those after getting several hits and near-misses while riding my bike after the guy tried to kill me for riding my bike.
Opus the Poet
And the thing that may be at work for Ash is she is unwilling transgendered as a result of some surgical accident as an infant. It used to be much more common during the era of mass circumcision, and one of the side effects is a distrust of medical personnel.
They do still make cars that do that, although from my experience only bigger family type cars. What I haven't seen in many years though is a hatch that opens in the middle seat so you can access the boot without folding the chair down.
21st of February, 2015 (Saturday)
well, this new thing with ash is interesting. methinks Charlie isn't the only time traveler here. also, i love cars that do that.
I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure that would be bleeding more. And require stitches. And I mean REQUIRE stitches.
Seer of Trope
I foresee more visual title drops.

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