16th of February, 2015 (Monday)

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Maybe if you ask a third time, Charlie will be compelled to answer.

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16th of February, 2015 (Monday)
Charlie! What did you do this time?
Does it not occur to them that this might be related to the time travel?
seriously the fact that he is interacting with his future self is completely lost on both of them wait for ash to point it out to them
that angle in the first panel is messing with me
what position is sam in
Side view of car window, front of car to left, Sam twisted around looking in the back seat to talk.
At first I thought Bill didn't know that strayans drive on the left, but then I realized he is talking about the way he is positioned.
I have to reiterate Alia's question. That Mysterious Assassin Guy kinda looks like Mysterious Trench Coat Guy from the first chapter, the one who gave Charlie the watch and the letter that explained about his life being in danger and sent him off to the future. I doubt they're the same person(or who knows, maybe they are), but Mysterious Assassin Guy has to be connected to the time travel. Come on, Sam and Charlie, put your heads together. Uh, your head together. You know what I mean. Think about it!
I don’t know, asking three times often works in my house:
“Did you get that?”
“You understood that?”
“You’re sure you understood that?”
Sam, stop acting so typically adult. You don't know what happened, so it had to be something the kid did, right? So cliché...
Secretly it was Ash. Ash is an agent from a much ore distant future where only the ruins of civilization remain. She was sent back in time to find what caused the mess. When she saw the walking talking paradox that is charlie and sam she knew what she had to do. She called up THE DEPARTMENT who dispatched a time travel agent to eliminate the paradox with a special gun. This gun, when it hits you, reveals how the individual came to be in the "present" time. In Charlies case, how he came to be in the future. At this point The agent will travel back in time and kill the individual who brought charlie to the future. This timeline will be left unattended until it spirals into the mass destruction that ash came from in the beginning.
Deof Movestofca
"Maybe if you ask a third time, Charlie will be compelled to answer."
That method usually works for Sargeant Detritus (even when the person being questioned doesn't know the answer).

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