9th of February, 2015 (Monday)

Page 184

Lucky that guy's still kinda deaf from that gun blast or he might have heard the car start.

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9th of February, 2015 (Monday)
Some experimental posing going on with this guy? I like it.
Eirika R.
Huh. So... it looks like the guy at least doesn't want to accidently hit the wrong kid, just his target. That would explain why he didn't just shoot Sam after kicking him off, I think.
I'm really glad that we're finally seeing some meat and potatoes of the whole "kill young Sam" plot that got us here in the first place. Really excited to see where it goes from here!
I agree with Weirdman3214, this is getting really good! Look forward to spotlighting this comic in the near future.
So is he willing to kill one 11 year old but not another?
He is willing to kill one target and not a non-target.
Hmm, not interested in shooting Ash or he can't! Cumberbatch is apparently a time assassin/ agent.
wait, what happened to Sam!?
to mra
He is probably in the car. Would be if someone was in the car.
Scratch that black leather asassin, WHO DRIVES THE CAR?
Assassin is obviously an amateur. No experienced shooter would close one eye.
why is the car driving itself
Possibly, this guy has nothing to do with the time travel-related events himself, but is simply a consummate professional. A consummate professional only kills the target he's been paid to shoot...
The car isn't driving itself.
It's a right hand drive. This is set in Australia.
wait that is sam's car. i can tell from the rust on the door.
I agree with @Dad. I have shot a pistol, and it works much better if you keep both eyes open
And everything hits the fan
16th of July, 2016 (Saturday)
Magic Trees
If the guy shoots, I will personally climb into the comment and beat the living shit outta him

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