6th of February, 2015 (Friday)

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Ow ow ow glass on feet ow.

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6th of February, 2015 (Friday)
Why doesn't he shoot old Charlie?
Eirika R.
Is... is it finally here?
The Blood Splattered Socks?!?
:( no, no. Their socks don't match the banner... Charlie isn't even wearing socks
Charlie IS wearing socks... It's Sam (a.k.a. Older Charlie) who isn't wearing socks.
Things not looking too good for Sam. :( Looks like there's too much space between him and Mysterious Guy now for him to try another bumrush, and considering Mysterious Guy kicked him off, he's likely on the floor, at even worse position. Not good. Oh, but I cannot wait for the next update! On the edge of my seat over here!
Easter egg found.
Continuity between panels 1 and 2, grabbing the back on the hand ( note the nails) then the next panel holding hands.
7th of February, 2015 (Saturday)
Mel and Collie
Continuity? Nope, that's normal. First you grab Ash, and as you turn, then you clasp hands and RUN!!! ;) Ash is in shock, though.
I face swapped Sam and Charlie in Panel 3 and Panel 5 in Photoshop. :) I noticed they had the identical expression.
Is it too late for me to point out that "blood spattered" is the more usual use of the phrase?
Spatter and splatter are two different things. I chose splatter because it implies more blood than just spatter.
Also, because Tarantino used the phrase blood-splattered a few times in Kill Bill.
I think Splatter and spatter are similar, in that the item is either spattered by something or it is splattered with something... I looked both terms up and the similarity of the two definitions are so close that the two words could almost be interchangeable. However both seem to mean; something being splashed with from an outside source. If '@Erica R.' and '@girl', mean that running through broken glass and or, the shards of the broken lamp would splatter the socks of Ash and Charlie I think that would be a misinterpretation because any blood on the socks would be soaked up from the cuts in their feet and not splashed on or splattered or spattered from an outside source. I know... picky, picky picky... sorry. I still love the story and the art.
11th of June, 2015 (Thursday)
Splatter is used to refer to solids and semisolids (IE, the man splattered against the pavement after being thrown from the top of the two-story Victorian home)
Spatter is unique to liquids, usually bodily fluids (IE, the forensics analyst measured the arc sine of the blood droplets of the spatter pattern, in order to determine the distance, roughly, from which the body fell).
2nd of August, 2015 (Sunday)
Atemu google splatter and read #1
15th of April, 2017 (Saturday)
Charlie: you just HAD to watch Terminator didn't you!?
Ash: you recommend it!
Charlie: you could've turned down the offer!!!

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