29th of January, 2015 (Thursday)

Page 178

Oh hey, it's Eglamore.

(It's not Eglamore)

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29th of January, 2015 (Thursday)
And the plot thickens.
10 out of 101 would fuck
And the "blood" from the title of the comic comes into play?
is that bennywiggle cumbergiggle
No, it's Benadryl Computerglitch
Who is this? Might just be because it is nightime, but he _kinda_ looks like a nightelf
Finaly murder. also zeke 10/101 is a little contradictory of your later statement.
I admit there’s plenty of superficial gender confusion in this comic, but it’s funny that when I saw this I assumed it was a woman because the coloring is so dark on a calibrated monitor that that trenchcoat REALLY looks like a business skirt.
I actually needed to open it in a graphic editor to futz with the levels to realize I was mis-seeing.
its that guy! he is eglamore (or periwinkle cabbage patch)
but the gun is worrying me. this is. this does not bode well for our cute little protags :0
Other people are doing the thing I am so ridiculously happy right now :DDDDDDD
Maybe it's an even older version of Sam/Charlie, back from the future?
Look at the hair, it could be a slightly older version of Charlie's teacher. The plot thickens. Are his grades realy that bad?
Weird pereon.
It's the same guy from page 8 but he lost his hat and found a gun. I wonder if the past is irrelevant but they can change the future. There helper is now going to kill one or more of the three of them, or wants to.
This guy looks like the guy who sent Charlie forward in time. See Pg. 8 ('A Darker Future')?
What if he is the evil twin of the guy who sent Charlie forward. This is the guy A darker future is trying to protect Charlie from... just a guess.
I predict Ash is going to do some wicked karate moves to disarm the guy and toss him through the window. Okay, so probably not. But I hope at least SOMEONE knows some freaking karate. This guy is definitely uber-bad news.
@zach unless he just has really low standards.
Oh hey Tober, I'm just wondering, but do you know/have an idea of who we're talking about('we' being Jellyfish, Mira, and I)?
Of course I know who Bennyhill Cummerbund is.
I wonder if this is because despite being told "Tell noone" he immediately told Johnny.
I predicted a while ago that when we started to find out what the whole time travelling 'thing' is about, we'd miss the pleasant slice of life stuff...
... and I am now more convinced of it than ever!
Dude, I went to go see the mystery page 8 guy, and was supper blown away by how much your art has improved.
He really does look like that Benadrin Cucamelon guy though
30th of January, 2015 (Friday)
I am just so pleased with the comments on this page :DDDDDDD
I for one am not a fan of Bonaparte Karmachameleon. But maybe I'm just odd...
31st of January, 2015 (Saturday)
Dream Baby
Is it a Gunnerkrigg reference?!
1st of February, 2015 (Sunday)
He does look like Barometer Cardigan =D
(The comments make me happy too)
My mind is like "etoihzeotihet WTH?!" from seeing this page.
13th of May, 2015 (Wednesday)
Glad I wasn't the only one thinking about Berryditch Cumblebunce.
6th of June, 2015 (Saturday)
Benadril Cucumbercatch?
9th of June, 2015 (Tuesday)
Omg that's who that is! I couldn't put my finger on it but there he is!! Barrymore Carpetmunch! :D
15th of June, 2015 (Monday)
Breaksfastgi cookieim?
8th of December, 2015 (Tuesday)
Oh my God! Eggs Benedict Cucumberpatch is going to shoot Sam!
6th of March, 2016 (Sunday)
Doesn't Battleship Cookiecutter look like their teacher?
15th of April, 2017 (Saturday)
And who's this Sherlock looking mofo?
6th of June, 2017 (Tuesday)
Angel Bunny
He looks...worrisome. Oh, and there's a gun. Nice. Reeeal nice. (I also non-sarcastically love the look. Very Benadryl Cuttlefish)

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