26th of December, 2014 (Friday)

Page 159

Oh right, this chapter is about a football game, isn't it?

As a Christmas present (and because this chapter is going slower than I thought it would), I'm going to be releasing an extra page a week for the next few months. I'm not sure which day to put it on, though. Four days a week doesn't really split into anything nice...

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26th of December, 2014 (Friday)
Thanks, m8.
Thanks Santober Claus!
You could add Tuesday and have 3 consecutive days, or tack Sunday on at the end. Just thoughts.
Every other day would work although days will match fortnightly rather than weekly. Few comics update more than thrice a week so you are unlikely to have any issues with readers with the odd schedule.
I don't recommend updating more than that without a decent buffer to eat into if needed.
Football; where dirty fighting is all part of the game.
Opus the Poet
Most of the comics I know that have a 4 times weekly update are on either the MTThF schedule or add a weekend day to the MWF.
Awesome. Thanks a lot!
Is Australian football the same as American football? 'Cause it sure don't look like European football.
27th of December, 2014 (Saturday)
Eirika R.
That is a really long Christmas present. :-D Thank you!
Very few comics I know have a weekend update, and it'd be nice to log on to a computer on a Saturday or Sunday and see an update on something... just sayin'.
But MTThF sounds nice as well, like what Opus said.
Australian football is completely different from American football, as far as I can tell. There's a few different kinds played here, but none of them have any padding or helmets.
Matthew: what they are playing is correctly called "Ruby Football" or "Rugby Union", usually shortened to just "Rugby". "Rugby League" is the NHL of the summer sports (ie, fights tend to happen, a lot!). Aussie Rules is a totally different ballgame altogether, usually played by buff guys in tiny toight painted on shorts (think cotton 'Daisy Dukes' on a bloke), and they tend to _punch_ the ball when they pass it
wow this is a really hardcore game for these young kids 0-0 are sports generally this crazy whoa
28th of December, 2014 (Sunday)
Mira, yeah lots of sports are high contact and no padding. This is part of the reason America gets laughed at a lot, are Americans just made weaker why they need pads when everyone else does without? Probably health and safety requirements from their insurance companies to avoid payouts backfired to make american sports national embarrassments.
29th of December, 2014 (Monday)
You think this is rough? Ever heard of a game called 'Bull Rush'? Fun game we had as a kid, until they banned it for being too rough and now kids spend all day indoors
Wow, just youtubed it. Looks pretty cool, quite similar to Rugby then?
2nd of August, 2015 (Sunday)
At least it's not soccer, can't stand the ridiculous faking they do... no self respect

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