5th of December, 2014 (Friday)

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Charlie only wants to look like he's being punished, not actually get punished.

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5th of December, 2014 (Friday)
Eirika R.
Whoa... they look so alike! It'd be near impossible to say Sam just... adopted Charlie out of the blue to coworkers or something.
Even though he /technically/ did do just that.
The final panel makes his face look so neat.
This is one of the most fun relationships between two temporally divergent versions of the same person I've ever read about. ^^
Sam is really reasonable about this whole thing, huh? I've seen time travel fiction where people reacted much worse...
At least they don't explode when they touch
At least that Time Cop thing didn't happen to them. I am still trying to understand the logic of that.
Some more hints as to why Charlie got sent forward in time would be nice.. even if they leave us with nothing but more questions.
Anything that raises questions is cool. That's why Portal works.
6th of December, 2014 (Saturday)
Guesticus, same matter can't occupy the same space etc doesn't apply as you entirely replace your matter every 7 years, bones and all.
Still liking it a lot, however I'm wondering when might we find more out about the time travel stuff and the 'whos' and 'whys' and etc. Also, as a side note, art is lookin' great yet it would also be fun to see you experiment a little bit! *awkwardly/friendlyishly pats your shoulder*
7th of December, 2014 (Sunday)
You could tilt Charlie's head a little more. Perhaps a 170 degree angle will suffice.
12th of December, 2014 (Friday)
I have got to see when the parentals show up for a visit and meet their 11yr old son again... How is 27yr old Sam going to explain that?

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