8th of October, 2014 (Wednesday)

Page 125

You know if you'd kept your hat on that probably wouldn't have hurt as much.

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8th of October, 2014 (Wednesday)
Ash isn't taking any of your crap, Charlie.
ah I've reached that part in the web comic where I'm up to date and releases are PAINFULLY slow moving from one a day to one a week. Hurray for facts of life :|
@Rory Why one a week? It updates MWF
9th of October, 2014 (Thursday)
@Willomo I'm just generalising I read lots of web comics and the average update time is about 3-4 days apart or 1 day to 1 week. this may update MWF but many do not and I'm just comparing it with those. Its just a round about way of saying Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh web comics aren't released all at once meaning i gotta wait 24 hours to read six more panels ahhhhhhhhhhhh (also Charlies beanie makes him look like the biggest stoner in page 124)
The Ubiquitous BOB
@Rory I feel you.
It's okay, head wounds just bleed a lot. Don't freak out.
Wait, does that mean that the older version of him will now get a scar there?
I don't think the older version of him is the same him, I think this is like some alternate universe him tbh
23rd of January, 2015 (Friday)
Theory: Charlie's neck is made of titanium steel.

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