30th of November, 2013 (Saturday)

Page 10

Why no I didn't forget to include an important plot point so scrawled it in as a postscript. Whatever gave you that idea?

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31st of July, 2014 (Thursday)
I wonder why that mystery dude took him into the future; to protect him from what??? Guess I got to keep reading, huh? :D
13th of October, 2014 (Monday)
I was rereading and just noticed the date on the notice - 2059. So, by the 2006 / eleven years old comment it is 2017? And the darker future comes ~40 years ahead.
Deof Movestofca
@Unmaker: He may mean just a darker future for him/them.
14th of October, 2014 (Tuesday)
Heh heh, loving the 2nd and 3rd panels :D
18th of November, 2014 (Tuesday)
wait wouldnt future sam know that it was his birthday tomorrow?
oh, the passport has a different birthday on it, duh

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