7th of July, 2014 (Monday)

Page 85

You're meant to tilt your head forward when you have a nosebleed, but Charlie doesn't know that.

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5th of November, 2014 (Wednesday)
Loving the comic. But I have to point out that the first panel has an odd perspective. Like their leaning back at an impossible angle.
11th of November, 2014 (Tuesday)
I just let it bleed, then cough up bloody mucus after.
22nd of January, 2015 (Thursday)
Yeah, blood is an irritant to your stomach, so anyone telling you to lean back isn't so much worried about you as they are their carpet.
24th of March, 2015 (Tuesday)
Er, no. Blood isn't a particular stomach irritant, and the reason medical professionals tell you to tilt your head back is to reduce blood pressure at the wound and aid clotting. It's the same reason you raise injuries about the heart: to reduce the pressure at the wound.
22nd of July, 2015 (Wednesday)
Tilt your head FORWARD so that the blood pools and clots, rather than continuing to poor down your throat. It will eventually clot the other way too, but it will take a fair bit longer.
16th of November, 2015 (Monday)
wait, so they've switched names-usage now? Adult-he is now going by Sam, and child-he is now going by Charlie?
7th of January, 2016 (Thursday)
What happened between page 84 & 85? Missed the punch.
13th of October, 2016 (Thursday)
The actual fight seems to be missing from the archive.

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