23rd of June, 2014 (Monday)

Page 79

From now on the webcomic will update at 3 pages a week instead of 2.

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5th of August, 2014 (Tuesday)
I think from now on I'll make a habit of dropping thinly veiled innuendos and then, when prompted for an explanation, respond with "AAAHHHHHH"
16th of November, 2014 (Sunday)
He almost ruined the sandwich
4th of April, 2015 (Saturday)
The one who NOX
so apparently sam knows about "playing doctor" but not about the potential porn mine his older self had in his closet? okay whatever.
17th of May, 2015 (Sunday)
What kind of sandwich is that? Is it the kind that a 2 meter tall man from Brussels gives you after smiling?
23rd of June, 2015 (Tuesday)
Considering he thinks playing doctor involves needles, I'm fairly certain that he doesn't know what that is either.
5th of November, 2015 (Thursday)
Yochanan--Hah! Great Men At Work reference there! Vegemite! It's Vegemite!

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