5th of February, 2024 (Monday)

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5th of February, 2024 (Monday)
Oh, Ash and Charlie, what a dynamic duo.
6th of February, 2024 (Tuesday)
Opus the Poet
And another update. These two sure seem "relaxed" about undressing/swapping clothes in front of each other, I guess it comes from watching each other get killed multiple times, but I don't see how they could remember that.
Rob the Unwise
I think Charlie is deliberately looking away in the third panel.
Rob the Unwise
Also, yay, new comic! Thanks, Tober!
7th of February, 2024 (Wednesday)
Yay indeed!
8th of February, 2024 (Thursday)
Charlie and Ash interactions are so great!
9th of February, 2024 (Friday)
Opus the Poet
@caribouchat I think they get married in the end, after the epilogue.
13th of February, 2024 (Tuesday)
Always so happy to see a new update! Hope you're doing well, Tober.
15th of February, 2024 (Thursday)
Up Here
These two are so fun to watch!
So happy to find the update; wishing you the best, Tober!
Up Here
…and Charlie is definitely averting his gaze in frame 3, lol!
4th of March, 2024 (Monday)
Cool + for the post
30th of March, 2024 (Saturday)
Opus the Poet
Well it's about time to clear out the Spam again. And maybe an update?
28th of April, 2024 (Sunday)
Up Here
«…or their friends’! « 
Thanks for clarifying that, Charlie, little details CAN make a big difference!

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