7th of July, 2023 (Friday)

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8th of July, 2023 (Saturday)
Tober, I love your character poses. Superb anatomical positioning and adorable expressions!
9th of July, 2023 (Sunday)
Opus the Poet
Well that answers the question about the underwear. Definitely not y-fronts.
10th of July, 2023 (Monday)
So the message I'm getting her is that manspreading if the natural human sitting posture.
24th of July, 2023 (Monday)
@An NPC Well, yeah, for humans with external junk.
25th of July, 2023 (Tuesday)
Opus the Poet
Well that explains why Chrome asked me if I wanted them to translate from Polish.
26th of July, 2023 (Wednesday)
Opus the Poet
Great, now I look like an idiot . Nothing new that. I frequently look like an idiot.
23rd of August, 2023 (Wednesday)
3rd of September, 2023 (Sunday)
Duke de Montosier
Duke de Montosier
27th of September, 2023 (Wednesday)
nothing special
28th of September, 2023 (Thursday)
Markus Markus Markus
Markus Markus Markus
Markus Markus
3rd of October, 2023 (Tuesday)
Opus the Poet
Maybe if we ignore them they'll go bother some other people.
29th of October, 2023 (Sunday)
Hope you're okay, Tober.
30th of October, 2023 (Monday)
I need an update soon, not because I'm impatient, Tober can take all the time needed, but this page is ever so slightly nsfw and I keep getting paranoid someone will think I'm on a very different part of the Internet if they see it whenever I check and see if there's an update lol

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