7th of March, 2023 (Tuesday)

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7th of March, 2023 (Tuesday)
And that's how you put your shoulder into it...lol. Hope you are feeling better Tober :)
8th of March, 2023 (Wednesday)
Rob the Unwise
Whomp! Hi, Tober! I also hope you are feeling better. I seriously need to reread this comic. My memory is not good, but I remember I like it a lot. Thanks again!
Opus the Poet
Yay, new page showing one of the perils of time travel, they do things different there and you have to alter your behavior to accommodate.
9th of March, 2023 (Thursday)
Welcome back Tober! Hope you have been doing better. Love the movement on the clothing!
10th of March, 2023 (Friday)
A wild Tober appears! Glad to see you're not being held up entirely by what you have going on with you, love every time a page comes up
Yay, my favorite time-traveling kiddos are continuing their journey!
14th of March, 2023 (Tuesday)
17th of March, 2023 (Friday)
Heh, I am guilty of that.
20th of March, 2023 (Monday)
hi Tober, glad to see a new page! Hope it means you're feeling better :)
24th of March, 2023 (Friday)
It's back! Good to see your art again, Tober.
You can't push a pull, Ash!
26th of March, 2023 (Sunday)
Up Here
D’oh! Yeah, I’ve done that too, and without the excuse of time travel…
Love the expressions and eloquent postures on this one! Always a treat when these two pop in for a visit on my screen.
Thank-you, Tober, and I hope that you are well and things run smoothly for you this year!
30th of March, 2023 (Thursday)
As someone who lives in the southeastern US in a state with zero public transport trains, I have no idea what is happening here. Can someone explain to me what's going on with the train doors please? Thankies!
31st of March, 2023 (Friday)
@CatLady: Trains very often have buttons to open the doors these days, but this was a while ago so it's probably an older door with a manual opening mechanism because, y'know, time travel
3rd of April, 2023 (Monday)
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