5th of October, 2020 (Monday)

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5th of October, 2020 (Monday)
That's a pretty good outlook for life in general.
Ash is being awfully presumptive!
So how did hd know??
9th of October, 2020 (Friday)
I just had this thought....
A WILD theory (which probably isn't true).
What if Delilah here is ACTUALLY young Eos; but she says her name is Delilah right now because of the bet. She shouldn't know about the bet, but what if Johnny or Charlie said: "Your name isn't Delilah is it? We have a bet?" Then, since she seems to like messing with them...........
Right WILD Theory.
27th of October, 2020 (Tuesday)
Up Here
Yup, ice cream always preferable to kicking...particularly when you’re standing around waiting for the right moment to save the world/alter time by shoving people around on railroad platforms...

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