29th of June, 2020 (Monday)

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29th of June, 2020 (Monday)
Thank you for the art!
30th of June, 2020 (Tuesday)
Up Here
Uh, Charlie...do you know where you’re going?
This could be awkward...
Thanks for another puzzling (and beautifully rendered) update, Tober!
Stay well, everyone!
Is he heading to the correct lavatory?
Wait. I'll work this out. He's male. Identifies as male. But he's presenting as female. And has the term Cis been invented in the time he's in? No? So he should go to the ladies room.
Will he be confused by the lack of urinals?
10th of July, 2020 (Friday)
It probably doesn't matter which bathroom he goes to, I suspect he won’t be alone in there long.

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