17th of February, 2020 (Monday)

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Alright. There's one chapter left. I'm thinking of releasing it as a story with fewer images. At least that way it won't take a year to finish.

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17th of February, 2020 (Monday)
I like this idea, this way it would be fulfilling for you to finish it, and we would have the end sooner, it's a win-win! And anyway, whatever makes you feel good is ok with me. As long as we got a few images with Charlie and Ash still, I like them so much :) and lately, the way you draw the expressions has been really great. You drew enough for us to imagine the rest...
If it would help you Tober, I'm with it.
Also, that is the most ominous "boop" ever.
Mr. Jones
"Well that wasn't supposed to happen..." I have said this exact phrase to my captain many times. He is rarely as amused as I am.
I for one wouldn't mind waiting a year to get the last chapter (I've enjoyed it this far even with the breaks and waiting, so what's one more year?), but I'm also excited to read the rest of the story! Whichever you choose I think we'll be ecstatic about.
18th of February, 2020 (Tuesday)
Tober, it's your epic; end it how you want. I'm just enjoying the ride ^_^
Whatever works best for you Tober! We do love your art as well as your story though ...
19th of February, 2020 (Wednesday)
Opus the Poet
I remember when this comic took place in the far-off year of 2017, and Holdens were still made in Australia. Now 2017 is long in the rear view mirror, and Holden will cease to exist as a brand next year.
However you need to do it.
21st of February, 2020 (Friday)
Up Here
No hurry whatsoever! I am in no rush to say goodbye to Charlie and Ash....
It’s your story, enjoy finishing it in the way that makes you happiest.
Up Here
Did Charlie just have a Marilyn Monroe moment?
22nd of February, 2020 (Saturday)
Only one? Nice job! What will you do after BSS, if anything?
24th of February, 2020 (Monday)
Love the story Tober and honestly the last one made me split my lip from laughing I've had issues with my but I couldn't help laughing hard.
Ha ha, after reading Rawsome and Up Here comments, I also agree with them, I'm in no hurry, I follow other comics that update once a month and it's fine, I'm so glad each time there's a new page, whatever the pace. But the most important is for you to be happy with it Tober, I'm so grateful for what you've done already. Take your time and do what's the best for you :)
26th of February, 2020 (Wednesday)
I'm also in the camp that it's better to take more time for a better outcome. We already waited through a long hiatus, we can wait more. I've seen a few comics that due to artist fatigue end up rushing their ending, or pushing it in pure text form. The end result is never good. It's better that you take 10 years to finish the final chapter, but give this comic an ending proper that will last for generations, than have it abruptly end on a wall of text.
27th of February, 2020 (Thursday)
Whatever works, Tober! I'll keep checking.
I love how Eos reacts with shock and Sam and Johnny don't move. :-)
29th of February, 2020 (Saturday)
Moving mo = 'modus operandi' of expression. Obey it up!

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