19th of November, 2018 (Monday)

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19th of November, 2018 (Monday)
Yaya now
Panel 1: Ouch. I think Charlie's head, feet, and dress are on backwards. There's no way I could get my arms to do that - not even when I was 11. . .. makes my shoulders hurt just thinking about trying.
Whatever; great story. :-)0
Opus the Poet
Charlie looks pretty good as a girl, the long hair really sells it.
And that's the way most dresses fit, they aren't designed for ease of wear.
Up Here
Ash oughta wear a dress to show Charlie some moral support.
Be a pal, Ash!
21st of November, 2018 (Wednesday)
Initially, I thought Sam had horns in panel 3. And now you can't unsee it.
22nd of November, 2018 (Thursday)
@Yaya - put your hands under your chin and lift your elbows towards the ceiling.
That's the position I think is being portrayed. What that has to do with putting on a dress, I don't know. Nothing, I guess. I think he's preparing to tie back his hair with a ribbon, since he's wearing one in the next panel.
25th of November, 2018 (Sunday)
I think it's the arms that are backwards. We should be able to see his hands if the feet and dress are accurate.

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