22nd of October, 2018 (Monday)

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22nd of October, 2018 (Monday)
Opus the Poet
Center pair is very Harry Potter-ish. And I agree with Charley about the right pair, I can't say how many times I got stuck with ugly glasses as a kid because they were more durable than the ones that looked good
Ouch the ones on the right are called BC glasses but he’s a little young for needing birth control ...
Nice art this week.
Get the one's on the left, Charlie. Actually, they kinda look like mine.
ones on the left do look the best on him
23rd of October, 2018 (Tuesday)
Center panel made me think of Sydney from Grrl Power.
24th of October, 2018 (Wednesday)
I quite like the ones on the left.
25th of October, 2018 (Thursday)
Get contacts!!! LOL

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