27th of August, 2018 (Monday)

Page 564

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27th of August, 2018 (Monday)
You threw all conventions out the window when you decided to start working for a company that does unknown things with DNA and genes. Also the day you showed up on a doorstep in a basket like a Greek Moses. Just assume your role as a very important secondary character.
Okay the last two pages literally hurt my head what the hell is going on
If she rejects him, I feel we're going to have a very angry android on our hands
I loved this comic from the start, I'll love it to the end. It doesn't stop surprising me, in a good way!
The Gods philandered all over the place. Eos and Sam still get to know each other without any modesty sheep.
nice, love the story development and some thought the comic was almost over
28th of August, 2018 (Tuesday)
Alien Hunter
Say what you will, the guy's got a unique pick-up line.
Chris -the other one
EOS: OK, but first things first... you are getting a haircut young man...
29th of August, 2018 (Wednesday)
Seriously, now we find out if the new model Memnon is really a good guy or not when Eos says, "You're my son to me and what you're doing is creeping your mother out, young demi-god, so knock that shit off NOW!" He IS capable of universe destroying tantrums, after all.
30th of August, 2018 (Thursday)
Eos looks amazing in that first frame!
31st of August, 2018 (Friday)
Kid Cthulhu
The comic that always keeps you guessing ^_^

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